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Sources of Information

There’s a lot of information on the internet, and finding good quality information can be hard.

So here’s a short list of websites, podcasts, and books that I frequently refer to. It’s not comprehensive, because it’s not meant to be!

Everything .NET: new and upcoming releases, updates, and other useful articles.
Web development using ASP.NET.
New and upcoming releases of Visual Studio, plus details of patches, new features, and other useful articles.
News about Visual Studio Code.
Lots of good articles for web development and design.
Occasional links to useful articles and questions. It’s Reddit, what more can I say?

The original podcast for software developers, long before the word ‘podcast’ even existed. They talk everything .NET- and web-related, and a whole lot more. Lots of useful, good quality information.
I’ve only recently started listening to this, but already I’m impressed by the quality of the information and the wide range of software development topics.
As the link says, this is the ultimate list of developer podcasts. If you don’t like either of the above, you’ll certainly find something here.

Microsoft’s documentation for .NET Core. Written from scratch, bare in places, but getting better all the time.
Microsoft’s documentation for ASP.NET Core. Includes guides and tutorials on getting started, and comprehensive references.
Mozilla’s comprehensive reference for everything web-related.
An easy-to-use reference for everything web-related. Not as comprehensive as Mozilla, but provides info on everything that’s important.

The ultimate site for software developers. If you’ve got a problem, it’s pretty much guaranteed that somebody’s already encountered the same problem. Go here to find the solution!
Microsoft’s community for getting help with all sorts of problems with Microsoft’s technologies.

Thousands of courses across a wide range of software development topics languages and technologies and other IT-related topics.


Any self-respecting software developer should have a collection of books, whether they’re traditional paper books or modern e-books. Here’s a few selected books concerned with web development:

JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford (Yahoo Press / O’Reilly)
Essential reading, from the author of JavaScript! Tells you what’s good about JavaScript, and what to avoid.

JavaScript Patterns by Stoyan Stefanov (Yahoo Press / O’Reilly)
Shows you how to use JavaScript properly.

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 by Ben Frain (Packt)
How to layout modern web applications.

Pro ASP.NET Core MVC by Adam Freeman (Apress)
A good, albeit hefty book for developing web applications with .NET Core. If you’re new to the MVC pattern (model-view-controller) this does a good job at teaching the concept.